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Crystal Catalogs

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Crystal  Catalogs with company contact information.

If you have read the information about how to order crystal at HowTo Order Crystal, you understand the importance of crystal catalogs.

There are two ways to get crystal catalogs.

crystal collection You can try to get paper catalogs sent to you from each company by going to their web site and contacting them. You will find, however, that many companies do no longer print catalogs. They expect you to assemble your request forquotation from their web sites.

Because we have received many requests for help from people tell us that they have received no response from factories contacted, or that digging through websites to assemble an order is time consuming and inconvenient, we have put  together a selection of seven company catalogs online that you may download.

  • Use them on your computer even when you are not connected tothe internet.
  • Print them and put them in a binder so you can review themanywhere.
  • Write notes on the pages as you wish.
  • Insert additional pages with notes, order history, etc.
  • Insert pages with offers from foreign companies.
  • Use them to easily assemble your orders.
  • Do all those things with them that you can't do with a webpage on the computer.

And they are definitely easier to use if more than one person is going to be involved in reviewing your order.

bonus-buttonBonus - Included with the catalogs is information about how to submit your order, what to do to get the best prices and best response.

How To Get Your Copy Of The Crystal Catalogs 

We provide the catalogs free. But to cover our server and maintenance costs we ask that people who are not members of this Chamber donate 4.95 dollars to this Chamber.

We apologize for asking to cover our server costs, but as a Non GovernmentalOrganization, (NGO) this Chamber exists on donations and membership fees. Thevalue of your time saved will probably be much greater than the 4.95 dollars.