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Video Feedback Rewards Program

If you purchase a product from us, we will send you free, one of these items free if you provide us a video review that we can put with the product that you bought.

All that we ask is that you record a simple video answering the following questions:

Is the product as described?

What do you think of the product?

Was shipping prompt?

If you had questions or required help, did you get a prompt and satisfactory response?

Would you recommend us to others?


How You Do It

After you get your product, make a video that is 25 to 40 seconds long.

You don't have to show your face.

Don't give your last name. An initial is fine.

Record using any camera - that includes the one on your phone.

Show the product and after that anything else you wish.  You can show the product being used.

Submit the video for approval.

If approved we will use it in our store and promotional material.

We may edit it. If we do, we will not use it until we get your permission.

Send the video to 

This program is limited to those products that make this offer available.