Amber and Silver Bracelet - oval stones

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Made to our special order in the Amber Capital of the World, Gdansk, Poland, this Bracelet made of oval Baltic amber stones set in sterling silver is handmade by some of the best amber craftsmen in the world.

And that company has been certified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland ( the acknowledged amber authority in the world, as only using pure Baltic Amber in their jewelry.

So you get with this bracelet a certificate of authenticity with the bracelet. You know you are getting the highest quality.


The pure Baltic Amber stones measure about 6 x 8 mm.

The Amber stones, of which there are 14 , measure: 6 x 8 mm

Amber, being formed naturally will have slight color differences that enhance their beauty.

Length: 18.5 cm or 7 1/4 inches Weight: about 8.5 grams

For maximum safety, the clasp or the strong claw type.

This bracelet is something that you will enjoy for many years.  And it makes a wonderful gift that will always be remembered.

Because these are made to order, and production is by hand, they are sometimes not available.  So get yours now.