Anti-Aging, Pain Relieving, Hair Restoring Amber Powder 100 Gram Packages

Anti-Aging, Pain Relieving, Hair Restoring Amber Powder 100 Gram Packages

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Large pack 100 grams of Natural Baltic Amber powder

Amber oil, derived from pure natural Baltic Amber, is one of nature’s own cures.And it has been shown to be a very effective cure when applied to the skin.

And it is an anti vermin agent. History shows that during the times of the Black Plague in Europe, no amber worker died of the plague.  The amber dust they created drove off the fleas and other insects that transported the plague.

Europeans long ago learned that amber oil, either distilled or made from powder, rubbed into the skin did many fabulous things. One of which was to regenerate the skin.It is one of the earliest known anti-aging treatments.

Amber powder can be applied as powder itself. Traditionally it has also been added to rose oil or honey.Modern users also add it to their favorite herbal massage cream. Others feel that it is best used by combining it with cold pressed sunflower oil which oil is itself is high in vitamin E content.

Important benefits to you:

  • Pure, unprocessed Natural Baltic Amber for best results

  • Comes to you direct from Poland on the Baltic Sea

  • The same powder that is used in herbal medications.

  • Also used to protect pets from ticks. No need for tick necklace.

  • Drives off bed bugs.

  • Included with your aber is a recipe that you can use with cold pressed sunflower oil to make Amber powder oil for private use.

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