Level Crossing Kit For Automating Lights And Gates

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How To Make A Realistic Level Crossing Without Spending A Small Fortune

Use this kit to:

  • Install a sensor controlled level crossing that automatically controls flashing lights and up to 4 gates on up to 3 tracks.

  • Have the crossing remain activated as long as any crossing track is occupied.

  • Install remotely controlled, easily hidden sensors that you can control remotely so that you don't have to work under your layout.

Choose, in the size box above, the parts below for the number of tracks you want to protect.


  • No more working under layout or trying to hide components in above track scenery. The sensor LEDs are under the track and connected by wires (you determine the length) to the sensor control board that you mount in a location convenient to you.

  • Small IR sensors are easily hidden because they fit between rails of OO and HO scale track. And they still work well from positions below TT and N scale layouts.

  • And you make all this using our illustrated text and video instructions on how to set up a level crossing.


Kit Parts

A complete, illustrated step by step guide to making the circuit board, installing the gates and lights, installing the sensors under the track, installing the program, and tweaking to get realistic operation.

A plug and play level crossing program with instructions on how to set it to operate your level crossing.  Programing knowledge is not required.

The parts you get are

4 gate servos. 

1 Arduino Nano

Plug and play control program for the Nano

IR Sensors -  2, 4, or 6, depending on the number of tracks you put in your crossing.

3mm replacement LEDs for the IR sensors - 2. 4, or 6 sets, depending on the number of tracks you put in your crossing.

Prototype Board, Pin Headers And Resistors.


You supply the track, gates, lights and wire.