Level Crossing Kit Automating 2 Or 4 Sets Of Flashing Lights, And Bells On 1 to Three Tracks

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With this kit you make an automatic sensor controlled level crossing with four gates.

You use these parts to make a versatile control circuit board that can be used control up to 4 gates, up to 8 pole mounted flashing lights, 2 flashing lights on the gate barrier bars which lights are synchronized with the pole mounted lights, 1 steady light on the barrier bar and warning bells. You add your own gates, lights and warning bells. This is the control circuit for them. How many items you choose to control with this board are up to you.

You also get the parts to make special IR detector LEDs that you place under your track while, to make installation and sensitivity adjustments easy, the detector circuitry is conveniently located at the circuit board.

Parts You Get

A complete, illustrated step by step guide to making the circuit board, installing the gates and lights, installing the sensors under the track, installing the program, and tweaking to get realistic operation.

A plug and play level crossing program with instructions on how to set it to operate your level crossing.  Programing knowledge is not required.

4 servos to control 4 gates

1 Arduino Nano

Plug and play control program for the Nano

IR Sensors -  2, 4, or 6, depending on the number of tracks you put in your crossing.

3mm replacement LEDs for the IR sensors - 2. 4, or 6 sets, depending on the number of tracks you put in your crossing.

Prototype Board, Pin Headers And Resistors.


You supply the track, gates, lights and wire.