Train Controller DCC Command Station Materials For Computer Or WiFi Control

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These boards are those necessary to assemble a DCC++ base station that allows you to operate your trains from your computer using the Engine Driver throttle on your phone.

Complete information about the Engine Driver throttle including a video is here. Engine Driver Throttle 

By ordering this package you avoid searching around the web looking for the proper parts and then often waiting for what seems like forever to get them. Once you get them, you may have compatibility problems.

This package solves that problem and saves you money. The boards have been tested for operability, compatibility and quality. The Mega is a clone.  The Motor Shield and WiFi shield are those recommended by DCC-EX.

  • Arduino Mega
  • Deek Robot L298NH motor shield for the Mega
  • Maker Fab WiFi shield
  • USB cable to program your boards