DFPlayer Pro mp3 Player Plus Two Speakers

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The DF player, an mp3 player, is quits a useful piece of electronics.  In addition to its sound capabilities, you can use it to actuate other functions which activation is dependent on the level of sound that you have chosen.

Advantages Of DF Player Pro

DFPlayer Pro and DFPlayer Mini are both modules for playing audio files, but the Pro version has several additional features and capabilities compared to the Mini version. Some advantages of the DFPlayer Pro over the DFPlayer Mini include:

  • Support for a wider range of audio formats, including WAV, MP3, and WMA.
  • A built-in amplifier, allowing for direct connection to speakers or headphones.
  • A micro SD card slot for storing and playing audio files.
  • A built-in microphone for recording audio.
  • More advanced control options, such as the ability to set volume, EQ, and play mode.
  • Support for UART and I2C communication protocols.
  • More robust and advanced library support with more functionalities compared to mini version.
  • The mini requires an SD card. The pro version is less expensive than the combined cost of the mini plus SD card.


Ideal for adding sounds to dioramas and train layouts.


  • Bells on level crossings

  • Thunder / Rain

  • Street Sounds

  • Carnival Sounds

  • Church Bells

  • Music

  • Any other sounds that will help with your animation project.


DF Player Pro

2 Speakers - .5 watt, 50 ohm, 4 cm diameter

Buying a package like this saves you the shipping and time costs that you would incur were you to buy each individually.