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cheap diy static grass applicator
cheap diy static grass applicator parts
parts for cheap diy static grass applicator

Parts For DIY Cheap High Voltage DIY Static Grass Applicator 15 kvDC Static Field

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Use the parts here to make an incredibly cheap and easy to make DIY static grass applicator that uses a 12v DC input and yields a 15kv DC output static field.

You can power it from a wallwart, battery, or any other 12v DC power supply. It can be powered with input voltages as low as 4.5 volts DC.  The strength of the static field is such that  many people power these static grass applicators with a 9v DC battery. They are very happy to do this and report good results.

Watch how it pulls with just a 9v battery.  With a 12v DC power supply, it is stronger yet.

This type static grass applicator is extremely versatile.  You can even use it to make your own DIY flock box. We show you how to do that.

 This static grass applicator definitely outperforms a flyswatter as well as many, if not most, commercial static grass applicators.

And it is much easier to make fantastic scenery with this class static grass applicator than the shaker type.

Included is a booklet containing instructions for making a static grass applicator.

This video shows  you  how to make a static grass applicator using these parts. 

The package comes with a booklet that shows how to build static grass applicators.

You get:

Negative Ion Generator (anion generator) 12v DC input  15kv DC output
4 female / male banana clip sets
1 alligator clip
4 mounting screws
4 solderless connectors