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cheap diy static grass applicator
cheap diy static grass applicator parts
parts for cheap diy static grass applicator

Parts For DIY Static Grass Applicator With 15 kvDC Static Field

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If you want to custom  make your own static grass applicator this package offers you advantages.

When you use these parts, you will join the group of over 3,000 successful people using static grass applicators made using the special anion generator included in this package.

The 15kv static field generated, with a 12v DC input, makes for you a powerful high voltage static grass applicator that makes scenery work a pleasure.

All parts have been quality tested so you can sure that your applicator will work.

They have chosen for compatibility and easy assembly so there is no need to waste time searching for and gathering the parts you need from different locations.

Avoid unnecessary multiple shipping costs since everything comes at once in one package. And if you are located in the EU or US, shipping is free.

And, as always, prices are always lower when you buy a collection of parts together. And your price is especially lower here.


Now A Little About What You Get

The heart of your static grass applicator is the ion generator. The one included in this package generates a powerful -15 kv static field with a 12v DC input. As an added advantage, you can power it with as low a voltage of 4.5v DC.

Here is a short video showing how it pulls 8 mm grass powered with just 9 v DC. Go to 12v DC and it really jumps up!

The switch is EXTREMELY important. This switch is specially chosen to prevent feedback, a result of the huge static field floating around in the applicator, from burning out the generator.

And those little things that connect everything together come with it alligator clip, screws, male and female banana connectors.

Detailed Parts List

Negative Ion Generator (anion generator) 12v DC input  15kv DC output
4 female / male banana clip sets
1 alligator clip
4 mounting screws
4 solderless connectors
And at the end of the day, the more you know, the better your work is. So we include an informative booklet, "How To Make A Static Grass Applicator, Ideas And Instructions"  plus other information about making scenery and using static grass,.

One of the most important parts of this kit is the help and service that we provide. We don't want you to go it alone.  We are here to answer your questions and do whatever else we must do to make sure you end up with a static grass applicator that performs the way we say it does. No holds barred!

This is everything you need to make a static grass applicator designed just the way you want it.

Questions, Help, Guaranty

Have questions?  Email, call us ( ) or use Facebook messenger (it's in the lower right corner of this page.) for any reason.

Having any difficulty getting the product working? Contact us and we will do what ever is necessary to help you get it working.

You won’t regret buying this. Our liberal money back guarantee backs up our every word. Proceed with confidence. Buy it and try it now.

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