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Dumpling Maker for Uszka, Won Ton, Pelmeni and Ravioli

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Our dumpling form allows you to make little dumplings fast and easy.

Makes Perfect Dumplings Every Time

With this form, you can make dumplings like an expert on the first try.

Easy To Use

It is so easy to use that even the kids can make dumplings. Turn a chore into quality family time.

And It's Fast

You can easily make up to 55 delicious dumplings in a minute with this handy time and labor saving kitchen helper.

Eliminates Biggest Problem That Plagues Home Dumpling Makers

No more dumplings bursting and emptying the filling when you boil them. The bottomless pockets allow the dough to stretch and compensate for overfilling. So, the filling does not get into the sealing area and your dumplings don't burst.

Safe, No Scratch Sealing Edges

The sealing edges are deep assuring you good seals. And the edges are rounded so they are not sharp. No cut, no scratch.

Makes All Sorts Of Dumplings

Also make ravioli, won ton, fried dumplings, mandoo, kreplach, empanadas, pelmeni and any other dumpling that you can imagine.


Is dishwasher safe, counter save, and glass safe. It won't scratch your countertop and being polystyrene, it will not break and chip your dishes and glasses.


It takes up very little space and is easy to store. You can even hang it on a wall.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Like with all our products, if you are not satisfied with this dumpling maker, send it back, at our cost, for a full refund.

How to Use this Form

1) Sprinkle the form generously with flour so that the dough doesn't stick

2) Lay the dough over the form.

3) Add filling to the naturally forming pockets.

4) Put another layer of dough over the top.

5) Seal and separate the dumplings by running a rolling pin over the top.

6) Pop the the dumplings out of the form and into a pot of boiling water. Cook and serve.

This video shows you how to use it.



  • The dumplings are traditional 1 inch (2.5 cm) hex shaped.
  • The form is 10 inches (26 cm) in diameter and weighs 7 ounces (200 grams).
  • Bottomless pocket design to assure good seals and eliminate bursting dumplings.
  • Sturdy, high impact polystyrene.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Makes up to 55 dumplings at a time.
  • Made in Poland where this form and uszka dumplings are very popular.