Natural Baltic Amber Pendant - 2.2 grams
Natural Baltic Amber Pendant - 2.2 grams

Natural Baltic Amber Pendant - 2.2 grams

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A pendant made from a Baltic amber stone that has been polished and cut flat on the back side so that it sits well on the chest.

This pendant is made of white natural Baltic Amber.

White Amber is in short supply due to a high demand by bead makers and because the amount of white Amber harvested constitutes a very small percentage of the total Amber harvested.

And its characteristics are somewhat different than most natural Baltic Amber. It is rather porous and cracks very easily when one tries to shape it. It is because of that that pendants such as this have an uneven or unsymmetrical shape about them because the pendants are cut from stones and shaped as the jeweler sees what is best for that particular piece of Amber.

So you don't see very many white Amber pendants as compared to the usual cognac colored pendants.

When you give this as a gift, you are giving something that is really unusual made of a rather rare piece of natural Baltic Amber.

Size in cm: 3.5 x 1.7 x 0.6

The color is typical of the Natural White / Yellow White color associated with white Baltic amber stones.

This pendant is one of a kind. Its shape and color are unique to the single Natural Baltic Amber nugget from which it was made.

The fasteneris sterling silver. The chain is shown only for demonstartion purposes.