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Pierogi Cookbook On CD - Poland's Best Home & Hobby

Pierogi Cookbook On CD

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Authentic Polish pierogi recipes for you to make perfect pierogi with great fillings and sauces every time.
pierogi cookbook.

Pierogi are the most popular food in Poland. This classic cookbook takes you through the world of pierogi from the early days when they were a staple and subsistence food to the modern days where they are a special occasion treat and fun food.

The recipes for the doughs, fillings and sauces are presented as they are made in Poland. They are traditional, authentic recipes gathered from Polish cooks all over Poland. They are curated in an extensive library of recipes for many different doughs, fillings and sauces.

There are recipes for pierogi that are boiled, fried, deep-fried, and baked. You learn how to make savory fillings and sweet fillings. Plus you go step-by-step through making spinach pierogi, water crust pierogi, and dessert pierogi.

The author, an accomplished cook and instructor, over the years that he has traveled all over Poland, has been gathering recipes and visiting with pierogi cooks. He has learned from and been given tips and hints and recipes by the greatest pierogi makers in the world – the Polish Babcia – and many more Polish women who make pierogi on a weekly basis. They are passed on to you in this book.

The book goes beyond just giving you recipes. The book links out to a video library that contains videos showing all phases of pierogi preparation. You watch Polish Babcia and younger Polish women making pierogi. You watch pierogi Masters instructing children how to make pierogi. And each recipe is backed up by a video so you can see how to prepare that recipe in real-time.

The cookbook also documents the history and traditional role of pierogi in the culture of the Polish people.

The book shows you how pierogi have been made for centuries in Poland and how modern Polish cooks make them using today's kitchen equipment.

You learn by reading, looking at pictures, and watching videos of how to prepare and serve pierogi. You learn how it is done the old traditional way as well as how it is done using today's modern kitchen equipment such as food processors, mixers, pierogi presses and pierogi makers.

Finally you are shown how to serve them in the attractive traditional Polish way, properly presented and properly garnished.

Whether you call them pierogi, pierogis, or pierogies, you will be able to make them just the way you want by following the recipes in this book. And you will be able to make perfect pierogi quickly and easily every time.