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Polish Pottery Factory Electronic Catalogs


A Complete Guide To Starting Your Own Pottery Business

How To Use This Exclusive Catalog And Business Package

checkChoose exactly what you want from thousands of pieces in hundreds of patterns.

checkPrint catalogs for your customers.

checkCopy pictures for use on eBay.

checkCopy pictures for use on your web site.

checkUse them to start up your business.

checkUse them to build up your drop shipping business.

checkUse them to get unique things for your own collection.

How To Benefit From These Catalogs

You can use these catalogs very effectively by printing any catalog that you wish in black and white and placing the catalog in a 3 ring binder. Then look at the color version on your computer. Make your notes on the printed version. And print a new copy as often as you wish. Each time you order you can keep records in a new printed version that you will keep in your historical file.

Some people have reported that they have printed the catalogs in color and use them to show their customers. One person uses such color catalogs at home parties.

Catalogs that you get are:

Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec – The products of Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec are distinguished not only by the beauty of an artistic and original style but also by a high degree of functionality. Each piece is individually hand decorated with a unique stamping technique used exclusively on ceramics from Boleslawiec. You get a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza – This factory is top on service and top on quality.

Fabryka Naczyn Kamionkowych Manufaktura – Stoneware Factory Manufaktura in Boleslawiec is one of the leading producers of hand-made Polish pottery. Their products are hand-formed and decorated by use of the stamping technique. To ensure quality, they use their own paints. They have a very wide range of products and continue to expand their product line.

WR Unikat – This factory has over 20 years experience in the ceramics industry. The company now specializes in the production of high quality ceramic tableware and other pottery articles. Products are hand painted in unique, flowery patterns. You may even order your own custom designs.

You get catalogs for all the companies listed above that you can immediately download to your computer and print or read directly.

checkPlus you get the valuable “Polish Pottery Business Planning Guide” – an essential guide for you if you are interested in selling Polish Pottery.

checkPlus you a white paper on “How To Get The Best Prices“.

checkPlus you get an eBook on “How To Start Your Own Pottery Business“.

checkPlus you get a white paper on “How To Make A Free Website To Sell Pottery Online“.

checkPlus you get a white paper on “How To Get More People To Your eBay Listings“.

Pottery Business And Catalog Package Benefits

3 color No Need To Buy Invetory


Teaches you how to start a Polish pottery business without making any investment other than your time.

plus Work At Home Part Time


How you can make money, part time, working from home, using free services.

plus The Best Business Models


Learn about the many different ways that you can make money on Polish pottery and the best ways for you to make money with each.

plus Be All That You Want To Be


Learn how to start with little more than desire and time and to build a business as large as you want.

plus Make Money While You Sleep


Learn how to have others gladly building your business and make money for you whether you are awake or sleeping..

plus Other People’s Money


Learn how to use other people’s investment in thousands of dollars inventory to build your business, without risk, selling Polish pottery.

plus Buy Factory Direct


How to directly import from the factories in Poland at the best prices while getting the best service.

plus Ebay Seller’s Special


How to sell Polish pottery listed on eBay without paying listing fees or any other fees.