Resistance Soldering Unit

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This is a special promotion listing for this Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU).  We want to get a few out there to get reviews after which we will resume normal pricing.  You can see the normal price crossed out above.

The RSU is 50 watts at high power. Note in the images the glow difference between high and low power.

The low power setting is good for most hobby uses.  The high power is available if you must do some heavier soldering.

A 4mm carbon rod is supplied with the unit.  Even though the probe can hold a 6mm rod, 4mm is chosen  for fine scale work - something a hobbyist would appreciate.  For heavier work on the  high power setting, it is best to change to a 6mm carbon rod.

This comes with a UK plug so you will have to add an adapter.  And it is 230 volt only.