Reusable Plastic Cups

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If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, you should definitely try to use reusable cups and utensils as much as you can.

Just look at the world around you. Rivers, lakes, fields, roadsides, landfills and anywhere else you look are strewn with plastic bottles, discarded food packaging, discarded paper and plastic cups. Not only do these pollute the environment physically and visually, but the resources also that went into making these things are depleted uselessly.

So even though we are considering reusable cups in this post, our main concern is preserving the environment. We consider

the entire topic of reusable utensils as extremely important.

actually reusable cups have a hidden benefit in that they time and little by save you money storage space. no longer do to buy paper plates store them then trash them. those dishes need once last provided get the right ones is.>

Here is a hint. One way to limit the environmental damage of your takeaway coffee is to bring your own reusable cup. Many coffee spots will even give you money off your drink as an incentive to bring your own cup.

What are the benefits of reusable cups?


reusable plastic cupsThe price per use makes them inexpensive. Even if you go all in and find something fashionable or just plain expensive, over the long-term your price per use goes down, and down.

And in keeping with our intensive interest in saving the environment, can you imagine what it would be like if even in one particular city everyone used reusable cups instead of the disposable plastic and paper cups. Want what happened to landfills, that’s trash in the forests, parks in the water. It would be absolutely fantastic. So we see one of the key benefits to be attacking this one step at a time and doing our part to save the environment.

Adding straws, a lid, or screw top gives you a no spill, no dribble, no splash, no spotted car seats or clothes cup. Avoiding a spot on your freshly cleaned clothes can really make your day and vividly bring home to you an important benefit of reusable cups.

The lighter plastic cups are generally easy to store, easy to carry, and easy-to-use way to have him models would be inconvenient or just to have a compact around.

Reusable tableware and cups of all forms are generally unbreakable. You can fill them with water, freeze and they won’t crack. You can drop them on concrete and they won’t break.  You can even stand on many and they won’t crush. They are kids and clumsy me safe.

Use them for storage in your refrigerator, making ice blocks to the popped into a cooler, carry desserts in your picnic basket, and of course, hold your liquids.

To sum up that point, they are simply versatile.


What are the best reusable Cups?

Reusable Plastic Cups With LidsThis is a frequently asked question. And one for which the answers are all over the lot.

You must approach this deciding how you want to use them.

Use or fashion.

There is a big difference in the availability of cups and especially the price if you are going to buy a cup with fashion as an overall concern. Some people want cups bearing brand names others want cups that just “look nice”.

And then there arethose who only want something functional and don’t need graphics or anything else as long as the cup does for them exactly what they want.

 And some of us don’t like buying a cup from someone with their name on it which name advertises for them continually without compensation to us for the advertising. If they want me to advertise for them, give the cup free.


Cups as gifts.

A reusable cup as a gift is always a winner. Here you may extend the budget a bit  if you’re on a tour and want to bring home a gift reminiscent of the place you visit a cup is something that will be appreciated for a long time. And your gift will be remember.

Also you may be buying for someone like a model railroader.  You can be sure that they will definitely enjoy a cup with a picture of  their favorite engine or some other unique saying on it related to this passionate hobby.

Really, if you are not sure what to get for someone, get them a nice reusable cup.


Reusable Cups Out And About

You may want cups and plates for picnics backpacking, use in an RV, boating, kids parties, barbeques, patios, a travel coffee cup, food kitchens, fast food kiosks, institutional  or everyday tableware.

Do remember that glass is reusable.  But it does not fit well into many situations because of its high breakability factor.

So, let's approach answering this by looking at typical uses for reusable cups.  And then let's fit the type of cup to the use.


Reusable Coffee Cups

reusable coffee cups with lidsReusable Cups

There are millions upon millions of disposable paper cups used once for coffee, immediately trashed and most probably not recycled.

The number of carbon dioxide oxygen producing trees destroyed and removed from helping to maintain our atmosphere in order to make these cups is absolutely staggering.

So we have our first choice to make and once again we have to narrow the choices based on our intent.

Are you going to drink your coffee in transit?  Or are you just going to buy a cup and drink it at a table or walking down the street?

Good choices here are bamboo, ceramic, glass and polystyrene.  All with lids.

These choices are made with the assumption that you do not have to be concerned with either storage or weight.

But if you want something for picnicking, backpacking, skiing, boating, parties, barbeques and the like, you want to choose something light and stackable.

In these cases, a light, unbreakable plastic cup is probably the best way to go. It has one significant advantage in that it is usually unbreakable.

Plastic cups are particularly appropriate for kids parties - indoor or out. In that they are generally colorfull they also add to the festive atmosphere of the party as well as making it easy for each child (actually the supervising adults, too ) to remember who belongs to what.

And this color also adds that little extra to any picnic or outdoor activity.


RV and Institutional, as well as everyday.

unbreakable tableware place settingIt may be that you do not want something colorful, particularly if you are using your cups and tableware in a recreational vehicle, restaurant, food kitchen, hospital, retirement home or other group situation.

In most of cases you are interested in usability, unbreakability, and long-term cost-saving benefits.

You can get excellent polypropylene tableware for use in all these environments. They are extremely popular because they are extremely functional and reliable.


Reusable cups for hot drinks

Where hot drinks are involved, insulation is important

Cups used for hot drinks are often double-sided much like a vacuum bottle. And then, many times they come with lids even though that is not necessary.

.If you are going to use something that's based on glass, you really need something like a cork wrapper.

If your cup has a handle, insulation is not that all important if it is plastic. The plastic does not transmit heat very well so you can use a light cup with a handle and have no difficulty with temperature. In effect, you are using a cup with an insulated handle.


Reusable cups with lids

plastic cup with lid and plateLids add another dimension to your reusable cups. If you’re buying a cup to drive with on the way to work you will, of course, want a lid.

But even if you are around your home and you are going to carry a liquid in a cup to a table, perhaps on the patio, you know how difficult it is when you try carrying the cups on a tray. All too often youwind up spilling something.

Improved transportability of your liquids is particularly appropriate in this case.

You may want to store something in a cup. When you do this you most definitely want a lid.

Reusable Cups With Straws

Straws add the final dimension to your cup. They really make your cup no drip and make it easy to drink even when you’re walking.

And as soon as a child can drink from a straw, it sure makes it nice to give the little one liquids from a cup with a straw. They won’t dribble and spill anymorel.

Actually, straws can be helpful in all situations. You avoid spillage in the car, on a boat, and anywhere else the cup may be subjected to movement.

 Are bamboo cups dangerous?

Bamboo in its own right is safe. But once it is processed there is another thing to consider. How was it processed? Did the processor add unsafe chemicals in the process?

As a matter of policy, we avoid bamboo for two reasons. One is because we are totally unsure of the end result after the bamboo was processed. There are some rather dishonest people out there will do the will do things the fastest and cheapest way without regard to consumer protection. And we are not interested in running across one of those.

And then beyond that we are interested in saving the environment. Why should we be encouraging people to cut down bamboo?

So we stick with one of the plastics and prefer to get our utensils from suppliers in Europe where producers are more closely regulated and tend to have higher regards for consumer protection.

Are reusable cups hygienic?

The plastics themselves are quite hygienic. They are not porous and easily cleaned. They are generally made from plastics without chemical contaminants that will harm you.

But it is then up to you to clean up after each use.. Be sue to clean the lids and any straws thoroughly. Don’t overlook them.

Are plastic reusable coffee cups safe?

That depends on the manufacturer. Many cups, particularly those coming out of the Far East, have sharp edges on the rims. They easily cut lips and tongues.

This is not limited to coffee cups. Kids party cups can be dangerous as well. Regardless of the supplier from which you get any type of cup, immediately check all the rims to be sure that they are polished round and that there are no sharp edges.

Where can I buy reusable coffee cups?

You can buy reusable coffee cups in kitchenware stores, some cafes and often direct from the companies themselves. Many are also available from major retailers.

reusable plastic coffee cupDon’t overlook gift shops. They generally have some nice selections with interesting graphic designs.

Buying cups through the major online Internet sites is more expensive than buying from a private website or in many cases from a local business. The prices on the major websites are as much a 30 to 40% higher because of the fees charged to the sellers.

And the selection may be smaller than on the smaller websites and in retail shops.

And here are some selections that you can buy.

How much is a reusable coffee cup?

The price of any  reusable item depends on many factors. Sometimes you pay a lot of money for brand name. In others you pay for the graphics.

And of your you pay a lot of money to buy cups from some coffee shops, which carry their name and you advertise for them free.

You can get reusable cups in the range of anywhere from one dollar and 50 dollars. Quite a difference.

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