About us


  • We have been using the Internet since 1995 and were one of the first companies to use the Internet for commercial purposes including having an online store.
  • Additionally, we started the second commercial Internet provider service in Poland which service we sold while keeping the web portals and online stores .
  • In order to provide you the best service, reliability, privacy and protections, we have kept pace with improving technology and continually upgraded our stores to the latest technology.
  • Our company is family owned and you get family owned company service.
  • We have sold to over 10,000 customers worldwide and because of volume and satisfied customer feedback we maintain a super seller reputation in some marketplaces.

Product Availability

  • We also sell and you can buy our products on Amazon , eBay, Etsy. Allegro, Karesrei.
  • Why this store? We want control of our future and policies rather than being at the mercy of the giants.
  • This store offers you benefits because in all of the big marketplaces mentioned above, the prices have to be increased significantly by the fees that have to be paid to them.
  • Simply put, you save by buying here and you get family owned company service.


  • Our products are stored in warehouses in the US and Poland.
  • Shipping is within 2 business days.
  • You get a tracking number for all orders.


Payment Gateway

  • You may pay by PayPal directly or use your credit card through PayPal.
  • We use PayPal exclusively because of the protection that you get under the PayPal buyer protection programme and the protection that we get under the PayPal seller protection.
  • We have used PayPal for many years and have such a good reputation that PayPal offers us the opportunity to use PayPal as a financing source for our inventory.




Internet Promocja

Katarzyna Swiatek

    Wloscianska 8/58

      Warsaw, Poland 01710

      Phone:  US Number – (answered in Warsaw, Poland) 508 471 4462 

      Phone: Warsaw Number +48 501 153 092

      Business Type: Polish Government Classification as “Individual Activity”

      Tax Identifcation Number: Poland NIP 525-149-81-12 European Union PL 525-149-81-12



      Because we use PayPal as our payment gateway, you get the PayPal buyer protection guarantees.

      Additionally, we provide our own guarantees. Generally speaking they are:

      When you buy from us, if you are not satisfied with what you get you may return it for a full refund.  And if at any time you have questions or need service, contact us.