Introduction To Arduino

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Introduction To Arduino, By Alan G. Smith, September 30, 2011

This is a standout among books and courses for learning Arduino.

And even after you are on your way with programming, or at least understanding Arduino programs, it is very good reference material that you are likely to use quite often.

The table of contents speaks volumes. It is printed below in its entirety so you can see the depth.

This book comes to you in immediately downloadable .pdf format.  Use it a .pdf on your computer or print it for handy reference.

The book is free. We ask, however, for a donation of .99 to help cover part our costs of maintaining the download server.

1 Getting Started
1.1 What is a Microcontroller?
1.2 Install the Software
1.3 The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
1.4 Our first circuit
1.5 Updated Circuit
1.6 Our First Program
1.9 Exercises
2 Making Light Patterns
2.1 “Blinky”
2.2 IF Statements
2.3 ELSE Statements
2.4 WHILE statements
2.5 What is truth(true)?
2.6 Combinations
2.7 FOR statements
2.8 Our New Circuit
2.9 Introducing Arrays
2.10 Exercises
3 Input
3.1 Pushbuttons
3.2 Potentiometers
3.3 RGB LEDs
3.4 Exercises
4 Sound
4.1 Our Circuit
4.2 Simple note
4.3 Music
4.4 Music with functions
4.5 Exercises
5 Making a digital thermometer
5.1 Serial Monitor
5.2 Measuring the temperature
5.3 Hooking up the LCD
5.4 Talking to the LCD
5.5 Bringing it all together
5.6 Exercises
6 Graphics (Pictures) on our LCD
6.1 Binary and Hex
6.2 Using graphics
6.3 Making a Chart
6.4 Exercises
7 Sensors Galore
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Photo Cell (Light Sensor)
7.3 Tilt Sensor
7.4 Reed Switch (Magnetic Field Detector)
7.5 Piezo Element (Vibration sensor)
7.6 Exercises
8 Making a rubber band gun
8.1 One Servo
8.2 Joystick
8.3 Pan/Tilt bracket
8.4 Adding a firing mechanism
8.5 Exercises
9 Make your own project!
10 Next Steps 113
A Arduino Reference 115
A.1 Structure
A.2 Variables
A.3 Functions
A.4 PCD8544 (LCD Controller) Library
B Parts in Kit
B.1 First used in Chapter 1
B.2 First used in Chapter 2
B.3 First used in Chapter 3
B.4 First used in Chapter 4
B.5 First used in Chapter 5
B.6 First used in Chapter 6
B.7 First used in Chapter 7
B.8 First used in Chapter 8
C Sample Solutions to Selected Exercises
C.1 Chapter 1 Solutions
C.2 Chapter 2 Solutions
C.3 Chapter 3 Solutions
C.4 Chapter 4 Solutions
C.5 Chapter 5 Solutions
C.6 Chapter 6 Solutions
C.7 Chapter 7 Solutions .
C.8 Chapter 8 Solutions