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DC Model Train Motor Controller
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Train Controller DIY DC Controller Parts For Power Pack

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You use this product to make a DIY model train DC power pack.

It is easy to assemble.

The power pack is great for floor layouts, especially layouts run by kids and for walk around control of shelf and other large layouts. If you put it in a box it will be kids safe.  The can kick or drop it, and step on it and it will keep going.

Hint:  Hey Moms and Dads, get two, put them in separate boxes and sit on the floor with your kids.  You run one train and your young engineer the other.

This short video shows a dual power pack running two DC locomotives.

Include in this kit are:

    Motor Speed Controller With Reversing Switch DC 6-30v PWM
    2 Male 2.1/5 Receptacle - 1 Used To Accept 12v DC power And 1 To Connect To Track Power Wire
    1 2.1/5 Female Track Wire Screw Terminals For Track Power Wires

And at the end of the day, the more you know, the better your work is. So we include an informative booklet, "How To Wire A DC Train Layout, Ideas And Instructions"  plus other information about making scenery and using static grass,.

One of the most important parts of this kit is the help and service that we provide. We don't want you to go it alone.  We are here to answer your questions and do whatever else we must do to make sure you end up with a power pack that performs the way we say it does. No holds barred!

Questions, Help, Guaranty

Have questions?  Email, call us ( ) or use Facebook messenger (it's in the lower right corner of this page.) for any reason.

Having any difficulty getting the product working? Contact us and we will do what ever is necessary to help you get it working.

You won’t regret buying this. Our liberal money back guarantee backs up our every word. Proceed with confidence. Buy it and try it now.

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