Train Controller DIY DC Controller Parts For Power Pack

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Kit to make an inexpensive, safe and easy to assemble a DIY model train DC power pack.

Use for floor layouts, table top layouts, walk around control on shelf layouts, multi-cab control.

Parts And Specifications

    Motor Speed Controller With Reversing Switch DC 6-30v PWM150W

    Input voltage requirements: 10V ~ 40VDC (wide range)

    Maximum output power: 150W

    Maximum continuous current: 5A

    Overload short circuit protection current: 8A

    Short-circuit time no more than 30 seconds

    PWM range: 0%~100%

    Mounting hole diameter: 3.5

    2 Male 2.1/5 Receptacle - 1 Used To Accept 12v DC power And 1 To Connect To Track Power Wire

    1 2.1/5 Female Track Wire Screw Terminals For Track Power Wires

Recommended Configurations

Install in a plastic or handmade MDF box as you see in one of the images at top left.

Two cab control can be done with two of these assemblies either installed separate boxes for two operators or a single box for one operator.

Some users have reported adding a circuit breaker.


Video Demonstration

How To Make Controller

This short video shows a dual power pack running two DC locomotives.