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negative ion generator
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Air Purifier Negative Ion Generator

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Dla klientow z Polski dostepne na Karesrei - -

This ion generator is eligible for our video feedback program.

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The most powerful anion generator available especially designed for static grass applicators. 15 kv DC gives you the ultimate pulling power to make your grass or flock stand tall. Free plans "How To Build A Static Grass Applicator" included.

It is so well designed that many people just power it with a 9 volt battery and report excellent results.

Watch how it pulls with just a 9v battery and you will see why.  With a 12v DC power supply, it is stronger yet.

  • Power using any 4 to 12vDC power supply such as a wallwart, power pack, layout power bus, and the likes.

    Even powered by a 9v battery it still makes a much more effective static grass applicator than many commercial products and definetely much better than a flyswatter.

    You can make an incredibly inexpensive, 15kv DC powerful static grass applicator and flock box.

    Comes with booklet containing clear instructions on "How To Make A Static Grass Applicator". Includes how to make special dispensers and how to use them.

    You get Free Technical Support - At any time you need help, contact us so we can work with you to make just what you want.

    It has strong, insulated wires that eliminate feedback and loss of field strength as well as providing protection against shock.

    It comes with a European Union Certificate (CE) showing compliance with European Union safety norms.



If you have any questions, ask them using the chat tab that you see at the lower right. We are live about 18 hours per day and respond by email the other 5.

Images show some scenery that has been made using this generator.


  •     Input: 4vDC to 12vDC
  •     Output: 6kvDC to 15kvDC - Output voltage varies with the input voltage. With a 12vDC input, output is a nominal 12 to 15kv DC.
  •     Size - Body 6 x 3 x 4 cm -- Base 8 x 4.5 x .3 cm
  •     Model Number - TBF-yd12122
  •     Weight - 109 grams
  •     Wire Lengths - 30 cm

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