12v 2amp dc power supply
12v dc Wall Wart
wall wart 12v dc power supply

12v DC Wall Wart Power Supply

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These power supplies have be selected to be used for the StaticGrassKing static grass applicators and anion generator and to power Arduino Motor shields used for DCC++ systems easy to install, and very inexpensive, DCC command station.

You may choose US or European Plugs. Current Output is 2amp.  Input Voltage 110 or 220 v AC.

It is also perfect for 12v devices such as LED light strips, CCTV camera security systems, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, TV boxes, etc.. .

Comes with an additional 2.1/5.5 female DC barrel connector to which you can connect wires without soldering. Connects to the power supply terminal connector.

The barrel connector is particularly useful when powering an Arduino DCC++ Command Station motor shield.


  • Input voltage 110-240v AC, 50/60 HZ
  • Output voltage 12v DC. The output voltage is stable and does not have any AC output component that will burn out the StaticGrassKing static field generator.
  • Output Current - 2 amps
  • Terminal Connector - 2.1/5.5
  • Plug U.S.
  • Weight - 113 g
  • Dimensions 4cm x 7 cm x 3 cm