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High Voltage 15 kvDc Static Grass Applicator DIY Kit 12v Dc Input

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An easy build kit to make a powerful static grass applicator that uses a 12v DC input to  generate a -15kc DC static field which field makes creating beautiful scenery easy.

Over 3,000 people are successfully using static grass applicators made using this kit. No electronics knowledge is required.  Just follow the illustrated step by step instructions that are in the included booklet. 

The anion generator used in this kit is so well designed that the applicator performs very well even if powered with only a 9 v battery.  In fact, many customers use just a battery and report excellent results. With a 12vDC power supply it pulls even harder.

Watch this short clip showing it used with a 9 v battery and you will see why they are happy.


Dla klientow z Polski dostepne na Karesrei - -

You can power it from a wallwart, battery, or any other 12v DC power supply. It can be powered with input voltages as low as 4.5 volts DC.  The strength of the static field is such that  many people power these static grass applicators with a 9v DC battery. They are very happy to do this and report good results.

This type static grass applicator is extremely versatile.  You can even use it to make your own DIY flock box. We show you how to do that.

 This static grass applicator definitely outperforms a flyswatter as well as many, if not most, commercial static grass applicators.

And it is much easier to make fantastic scenery with this class static grass applicator than the shaker type.

Included is a booklet containing instructions for making a static grass applicator.


IHere is an informative video for your consideratio..  Kit specifications are below the video.



  • Box - Styrene 13 x 13 x 4.3 cm
  • Switch - Chosen to protect you from -15KV DC charge. Solderless connections.
  • Anion Generator - Static Field generated is -6kv DC to -15kv DC. Static field varies with the input voltage. With a 12v DC input, output is a nominal -12 to -15kv DC.
  • Alligator Clip - 1 To make your static grass applicator ground wire.
  • Banana Clips - 4 sets to connect input and output voltages. Solderless connections.
  • Solderless Connectors - 4 to make the internal connections.
  • Power Requirements - Input: 4v DC to 12v DC

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