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Details About Each Product Category

Static Grass Applicators - A pwerful 12v powered, 15kv static field static grass applicator plus Parts, Kits and Plans for you to use to build your own.

Animation And Electronics - We stock arduino materials and other electronic materials packaged into kits. They are quite convenient in that you do not have to wait (sometimes a long wait) for shipment from many sources.

Static Grass - The grass here is prime, top quality. It is the static grass choice of many clubs in Europe as well as astute modelers.

Trees And Supplies - Dioramas and train layouts need trees. Sometimes hundreds of trees. Stocked here are all the things that we use. And we use only the best.

Laser Cut Models - A beautiful collection of easy to assemble, finely detailed laser cut models that fit into any diorama or model scene.

Carton Built Models;> - Multi-use models for model railroad layouts, dioramas, and kids floor play. They are inexpensive to start and since you can print them as many times as you wish, the cost per use is extremely low.

Diorama Kits And Supplies - Nicely assembled kits that make it easy for you to make some nice looking dioramas.

Classic Plan Books - Included are plans for locomotive models as well as complete dioramas. The detail is fantasic.

Leaves - Scale model leaves that ensure that your model trees are as fine as possible. Leaves for different varieties of trees.

Small Shrubs - Making good looking shrubs can be a real chore. They can make or break a nice scene. Use these shrubs to get that fine realistic look without a lot of extra work and effort.

Tall Shrubs - Mix these tall shrubs with small shrubs and put them on the grass a meadow or field mat described below and you will have a fantastic scene.

Meadows And Fields - These are well made grass and weed mats that make realistic, no fail meadows and fields.

Locomotive Models & Plans - With what you find here you can build highly detailed card models of classic trains. We also use the books to make plans for brass engines that we build.

Railroad Books - Plans, drawings and more for classic locomotives. The books are now out of print. So what you get here is something that you do not want to miss.

HO Scale Models And Accessories/strong> - You will find interesting vintage items here.