Acrylic Cutter And General Purpose Scribe

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An acrylic cutting knife and general purpose scribe with 10 blades.

Ideal For Making Clean Breaks In:

  • Acrylic Sheet
  • PCB prototype boards (Vero Strp And Perf Board)
  • Thin Brass Sheet

You Get



You get good clean breaks as compared to all the other tools you can use.

Tools such as special jig saw blades, vibrating saws, hand saws and hot knives, to name a few, heat and deform the edges.  These deformed edges are difficult to clean up. And the edges are generally not straight.

 This tool does a great job in scribing  brass and and PCB boards for clean breaks and folds.

Video Information

This video shows how to make a clean break in acrylic sheet. Click Here.