Amber Buyer's Guide

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An authoritative eBook published by a firm that has been in the amber business in Poland for over 20 years.

Shows you how to avoid:
  • Not getting exactly what you want.
  • Not being sure of what you are getting.
  • Overpaying for cheap imitations.
  • Getting the wrong thing because of bad or misleading information.
  • Being outright defrauded.

You immediately download it to read or save and print for later use.

Book Details

eBook - 42 Page, instantly downloadable
Shipping Cost - None
Publisher - PolandsBest
Language - English
Chapters - What Is Baltic Amber – Copal – Baltic Amber Origin – Different Types Of Baltic Amber – Amber Colors – Characteristics Of Baltic Amber – Insect Inclusions – Combating Inclusions Fraud – Natural Amber – Raw Amber And Buying Raw Amber – Natural Baltic Amber – Modified Baltic Amber – Pressed Amber – Improved Amber – Autoclaves – Heated Amber – The Effects Of Heat On Amber – The Effect Of Heat On Medicinal Properties – How Amber Is Processed – Beads – Amber Powder – How To Test Amber – Getting Exactly What You Want – Amber Sellers – Online Sellers – One Off Sellers – Buying In The Aftermarket – Buying In Tourist Areas – How Good Is Your Certificate Of Authenticity