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Amber Buyer's Guide

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An authoritative ebook published by a firm that has been in the amber business in Poland for over 20 years.

You immediately download it to read or save and print for later use. You are not charged shipping.

It provides definitive solutions to these serious problems.

  • Amber fraud is rampant - worldwide.
  • World amber markets are flooded within imitations.
  • Modern technology creates amber imitations that slide by even the most experienced buyers.
  • Buyers are constantly mislead and defrauded.
  • Buyers do not know how to protect themselves.

The solutions show you how to avoid.

  • Not getting exactly what you want.
  • Not sure of what you are getting.
  • Overpaying for cheap imitations.
  • Getting the wrong because of bad or misleading information.
  • Being outright defrauded.

The solutions are those that the publisher continues to use to protect itself when it buys amber for its manufacturing and export businesses.

Reading this guide prepares you to protect yourself and buy amber safely.

Product Details

eBook - 42 Page, instantly downloadable
Shipping Cost - None
Publisher - PolandsBest
Language - English
Chapters - What Is Baltic Amber – Copal – Baltic Amber Origin – Different Types Of Baltic Amber – Amber Colors – Characteristics Of Baltic Amber – Insect Inclusions – Combating Inclusions Fraud – Natural Amber – Raw Amber And Buying Raw Amber – Natural Baltic Amber – Modified Baltic Amber – Pressed Amber – Improved Amber – Autoclaves – Heated Amber – The Effects Of Heat On Amber – The Effect Of Heat On Medicinal Properties – How Amber Is Processed – Beads – Amber Powder – How To Test Amber – Getting Exactly What You Want – Amber Sellers – Online Sellers – One Off Sellers – Buying In The Aftermarket – Buying In Tourist Areas – How Good Is Your Certificate Of Authenticity

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