Ho Scale Paper Model Brick Single Family House Carton Model Plan 8

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An easy to build carton or paper model for dioramas, train layouts, kids, school projects, parents, grandparents, play schools, kindergartens, grade schools and family activities.



You glue this plan on card, cut it out with scissors and glue it together. Complete assembly instructions come with the plan.

The plan is easy to build, useful, collectible, long-lasting, educational and fun.

To build you need only card (cereal box card is a modeler’s choice) , scissors, a straight edge, a scribe and glue. Assembly time is typically 30 minutes.

It is very low cost. Get one and reuse the templates as many times as you wish to make as many buildings as you wish.

The plan is for a building that can be made in a any scale from 1 to 60 on down to N scale (1 to 160).  Scaling is very easy. This is well covered in the model construction instructions.

The basic 1 to 60 scale is especially good for most diorama and general modeling. It is easy to handle and the finished product is attractive without being oversized.(Hint For Dads:  Print the plan in 1 to 60  and let your kids build their models. Then adjust your printer settings and print the plan to the scale that you want for your train layout.)  The completed model, in 1 to 60 scale, is 6.7 cm by 5 cm by 6.1 cm to the roof peak.

Being highly detailed with images of actual windows from actual  buildings, the model looks great as it is.  But in the tips and hints section of the instructions we show you how you can modify it to add lights, surrounding scenery, and other exciting details.

When you buy this plan it comes to you in  .pdf format. You can immediately download it to your computer. Use it as many times as you wish to make as many models as you wish.