Ho Scale Paper Models A large selection of model houses plus a model wooden church that you can use to make a unique Christmas village.

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A large selection of houses plus a wooden church that you can use to make a unique Christmas village.



The Christmas village collection consists of 15 houses plus a church with text and video instructions.

Plans Included : Plan 1 , Plan 2 ,   Plan 3 , Plan 4Plan 5 , Plan 6Plan 7Plan 8Plan 9 , Plan 10Plan 11Plan 14Plan 20Plan 24 , Plan 28Plan 29   Images above.

  1. Print in Scales 1/60, 00 , H0, TT and N.
  2. Immediately downloadable with unlimited downloads for 10 days.
  3. Big savings by buying this selection.
  4. And there are no shipping costs.
  5. Build as many copies as you want as long as you want.

Clear film windows included so you can add interior lights.

You can make a Christmas village diorama to put on a shelf, use the buildings to make a centerpiece for centerpieces, use them for storefront window decorations or print in small scales to add to the trains running around the base of the tree.

Building this Christmas village makes a great family activity. It’s the same for schools, retirement homes, day care centers and any other group that you can think of.

The models is so easy to build that the kids can do it. And the kids really enjoy it.

The tree in the pictures is for illustration only

Buy it now and use it for Christmas and all year round for other uses.