Hand Painted Polish Easter EggFolk Art Hand Made In Poland

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This egg was hand decorated in Poland by Polish women who carry on the tradition of turning eggs into pieces of art.

In this case, a chicken egg was first emptied by making miniscule holes in each end of the egg and gently blowing on one to force the contents out of the shell.

The artwork was hand painted onto the egg shell using a series of fine brushes and traditional homemade colors and paints.

This egg weighs 6.7 grams. If measures, approximately, 2 inches by 1/2 inches . The egg stand is included.

There is a very fine gold colored thread at the top so you can suspend the egg from some hanger or support.

It is a collector's piece as well as a conversation piece. It deserves being displayed year round as well as on your Easter dinner table.

And it makes a wonderful gift.