DIY Air Purifier

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Clears the air on a budget.

The air clearing power of ionized air is pretty amazing. The higher the voltage creating the ions the higher the clearing power.

The reason they help clear the air is that the ions stick to stuff floating around. The combinations are heavier so they fall out of the air.

Do Ionizers Kill Viruses?

Not exactly. Viruses are fragile, but a little negative electric charge generally will not kill them. That said, ionizers are far from useless in the fight against Covid-19.

There are many studies showing the efficacy of ionizers in preventing infection. Airborne viruses spread through air pollution by clinging onto particulates in the air. This is a well-studied phenomenon, and keeping the air clean is effective in reducing the spread of viruses.

Ionizers do their job very well by getting rid of particulate matter in the air through the ionization of these particles and trapping them on a collection filter.

A study shows how scientists were able to prevent 100% of all infections to guinea pigs using an ionizer to strain out a strain of the influenza virus from the air. Ionizers may not kill the virus outright, but they will certainly do their job of keeping them virus from reaching you through the air.

While studies around the novel coronavirus per se are still in short supply, the underlying mechanisms are the same.

A high voltage output static field can be generated with a low voltage input such as is done with this ion generator.

It operates at input voltages from 4.5 to 12 vDC.  The output varies with the input from 7.5 kv to 15 kv DC.

The highest clearing power comes, of course, with a 12v DC input.

But many people are very happy to just use a 9 vDC battery.

Watch how this clears smoke in this simple test.

And this is a simple way to test how ions flow.


Power using any 4 to 12vDC power supply such as a wallwart, power pack, layout power bus, and the likes.

You can make an incredibly inexpensive, 15kv DC powerful air purifier.

Comes with booklet containing clear instructions on "How To Make An Air Purifier".

Youu get Free Technical Support - At any time you need help, contact us so we can work with you to make just what you want.

It has strong, insulated wires that eliminate feedback and loss of field strength as well as providing protection against shock.

It comes with a European Union Certificate (CE) showing compliance with European Union safety norms.