HO Scale Freight Cars By Marklin - Collectibles

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These two cars are a rare find.. Look at the car under bodies. Note how the couplers on each end of the train are joined by a very fine spring. You don't find that very often.

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marklin ho freight cars

The cars come out of a collection of items that I involuntarily liquidating for a man to pay his medical bills. They have been in a closet for some time. I guess being in the closet and not being maintained regularly is the cause for the very small rust spots. But practically speaking, you have to look very closely to see them when they do not detract from the appearance of these cars.

These are rare collectibles and fine go around cars. Unlike the modern plastics, these have some good weight to them and are solid to the feel.

They shipped from Poland. Based on my experience in selling on Amazon and my own websites, shipment will take 11 to 21 days. Sometimes lasts sometimes more. The longer shipping time is a result of the unexplained and sporadic delays that occur at the USPS reception point in New York where the products come in from Poland. Sometimes they passed through in a day. Other times they sit for a couple weeks.

I pay the shipping.

I am selling other things that you can see in my other listings.

All these items must be sold for there are medical bills to pay. So we are willing to take offers. If you combine items we can do better.

I hope to hear from you soon and do hope that you can find your way to help.