The Art Of Making Sausage At Home

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Why make your own sausage? Because not only can you make it to suit your own special taste and, perhaps, more importantly, you know exactly what the ingredients are. You get fine tasting, safe to eat sausage.

Sausage making over the centuries has been elevated from simple meat handling to the level of an art. You can watch hundreds of videos on making sausage but there is nothing like trying it yourself.

So we give you the tips, tricks, methods and recipes for making the most popular European And US sausages in the simplest and most effective way.

You get these:

Sausage Making Basics    
Sausage Making Today    
The Simple Tools You Need To Make Sausage    
On Smoking    
On Serving Sausage    

American Breakfast Sausage    
English Sausage    
Italian Sausage    
Potato Sausage    
Fresh Kielbasa    
Polish White Sausage    
Common Smoked Kielbasa    
Old Kielbasa Recipes    
Pork Beef Kielbasa    
Common Pork Kielbasa    
Common Pork And Beef Kielbasa    
Kielbasa For Short Term Use    

This 29 page book, The Art Of Making Sausage At Home,  comes to you in .pdf format. you can immediately download it, print and get started making your own tasty and healthy sausage today.

So buy it now.