Old Wood Church Diorama Summer Setting

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A kit to build an A4 sized diorama of an Old Wood Church with a Bell Tower in a summer setting.


A kit to build an A4 sized diorama of an Old Wood Church with a Bell Tower in a summer setting.

You get the supplies that you need to built this attractive scene showing the buildings, flowering gardens, paths and stone walls. If you click on the magnifying glass on each image you will see how beautiful this is.

It is very easy to build.  Watch this video that shows the complete process. Watch here.

It makes a great center piece and wonderful addition to your collection.

It also makes a great gift.  Give the kit as it is as a gift, or really do something different and assemble it and give the completed diorama to someone who deserves something special.

Here are some details.

The church is an easy to build paper model that you can build as is or modify to your heart’s content.  Go here to watch a video on how to build it.

The bell tower is also and easy to build paper model.  Here is a how to build video for the bell tower.

The base is 21 cm by 30 cm and 1.75 cm high Styrofoam.

The grass comes as a 21 cm by 30 cm mat with grass flock on a special paper. You get a brush and glue to add it to the Styrofoam base.

The gravel for the walkway and to fill the gardens is supplied as well as the spruce tree and bushes.

The walls come as Styrofoam strips onto which you scribe stones or blocks and paint and then color with chalk. (paint and chalk supplied)

The flowers come as flower tufts and colored flock.  You combine them to make your flowers.

Included also are side and back panels. You may wish, however, to display this in one of our unique all around see though cases.  See that here.

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