Locomotive Model Polish Narrow-Gauge Steam Locomotive From 1929 Px29

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Narrow Gauge Steam Engine Px29

You get a complete book of plans, history of the engine, and pictures for you to use to build the famous PX 29 steam engine. It was a passenger engine that was used as the basis of plans to make other very famous engines.

The plans you get a highly detailed with faithfully reproduced cutouts that yield a Museum quality model.

The book is A4 sized. You get 11 pages of detailed drawings that you follow as instructions to assemble the model which consists of the PX 29 engine and tender..

There are 18 pages of parts to cut out to be assembled.

The finished model is scaled to 1 to 25 and is 515 mm long when completed.

This video gives you pictorial information of what is being said here.


This is great for dioramas, displays, and family projects.

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A high quality train model for builders and collectors.

Scaled 1/25, it is attractive to collectors of train pictures and historical information as well as model builders who are willing to take on a high difficulty challenge than can yield an almost unbelievably beautiful project.

Not only are there cutouts, there is excellent historical, background and technical information about the locomotive itself along with high quality images. These are highly valued by collectors.