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15kv DV static Grass Applicator
12v DC power supply

Static Grass Applicator With Power Supply

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A Powerful Static Grass Applicator Control Unit To Use For Static Grass And To Power DIY Flock Boxes Plus A Tested 12v DC Power Supply

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  • Creates A 15kv DC Static Field With 12v DC Input
  • The Static Field Can Be Varied By Changing Input Voltage
  • It Has  Connections For Two Modes Of Power - Battery Mode And External Power Source Mode.
  • 12v Power Supply
  • You Get Free Technical Support And Tutorials



  • High Power Static Field Pulls Everything Up To 16 mm Grass Easily
  •  You Can Power It From Different Sources
  • You Get Total Portability In Battery Mode
  • The Included Power Supply Has A Stable Voltage Output Without Any AC Component, Which Component Can Burn Out The  Applicator
  • The Square Shape Holds It In Place While You Work
  • Accepts Multiple Use Grass Dispensers To Do Exactly What You Want


For Best Explanation, Watch This Video


  • Box - 12.5 cm by 1.5 cm by 4.4 cm made of 3.1 mm MDF
  • Switch - Chosen to protect you from -15KV DC charge. .
  • Anion Generator - Static Field generated is -6kv DC to -15kv DC. Static field varies with the input voltage. With a 12v DC input, output is a nominal -12 to -15kv DC.
  • Power Requirements - Input: 4v DC to 12v DC.
  • Alligator Clip - 1 To make your static grass applicator ground wire.
  • Banana Clips - 4 sets to connect input and output voltages. .
  • Auxiliary Power Connector - Use To Power By Battery
  • 9v DC Battery Connector


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