Resistance Soldering Unit Transformer Model FineScale Standard

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Designed especially for hobby model resistance soldering. Use to make a DIY resistance soldering unit.

You get a 90 va transformer with a dual (115+115) primary winding that can be powered from normal 120 or 230 volt household outlets. Dual secondary windings for high and low power operations. Wiring guide and instructions for making a DIY Resistance Soldering Iron are included.


Transformer Specifications


Transformer Rating 90 VA
Chassis Mounted Yes
Primary Winding Voltages 115V-230V AC
Secondary Winding Voltage High 6 V AC
Secondary Winding Amperage High 10 Amps
Secondary Winding Voltage Low 3 V AC
Secondary Winding Amperage Low 10 Amps
Circuit Jumper Wires 2
Winding Taps 8 Screw Connectors
Chassis Grounding Connection Yes
Dimensions 7 x 9.8 x 11.5 cm
Manufacturer Location Poland
Weight 4.8 Kg.
Shipping Weight 5 Kg.
Model FinePoint Standard



Videos And Reference Manuals

The Book Of Resistance Soldering

If you have any interest in resistance soldering at all, download the this free book that provides an explanation of how resistance soldering works, how to set up your work area, the use of soldering pastes vs tinned parts, soldering tips and tools, how to make your own resistance soldering iron, how to make your own soldering tips and tools, using a foot switch, using a commercial foot switch vs one you've made, access to resistance soldering video tutorial library.   Click Here.

Video Information


Video Review Of Transformer How To Make Resistance Soldering Iron How To Use DIY Resistance Soldering Iron


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