Seeds For Teloxys Aristata, Commonly Known As Seafoam

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Seeds of Teloxys Aristata or Seafoam, a plant that is used by many modelers to make their own realistic scale model trees.

You can grow seafoam indoors in pots or planters all year round as well as on patios, and in gardens during the normal growing season.

Videos Showying You How To Grow Seafoam

See a collection of videos showing all aspects of growing seafoam from sowing seed to harvesting. Watch Here.

The plant grows about 35 cm in height. Its branches resemble the branches of trees in miniature form.

With one package of these seeds you can grow enough seafoam to easily make hundreds of super realistic trees. The images show a forest that grew from less than 100 seeds. (A small part of a 1/2 gram package.)