Free Ho Scale Paper Model Small Country Railroad Station Plan

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A highly detailed replica of a country railway station that you can download free and use either as a study model to learn how to make a carton model or use it directly in your scene.

Scalable to OO, HO TT and N.

What You Get

Plans come to you in Ho scale.  You get simple instructions on how to print in other scales.

Print in scales OO, HO TT and N.

Windows that you can print on clear film are included so you can add interior lights.

How To Build

Print - Cut Out - Assemble

It's as simple as: Print on standard size photographic paper, cut out, glue.

The plans include a pictorial guide to help even a novice model and diorama maker create realistic scale model structures for a model railroad layout or diorama.

A complete step by step tutorial on building this model is at .How To Build A Card Model