SMD LED Strips 3, 6, or 10

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SMD LEDs mounted on aluminum strps.

4W LED STRIP Description: The 4W LED strip is perfect as a light for advertising and for interior design. The wide beam angle ensures even illumination interior or advertising box. Advantages: energy-saving (environmentally friendly), high quality versions, low failure rate, SMD5630 with a wide beam angle (150 °), long service life (50000h). Application: LED aluminum strip designed for illumination edge of coffers, recesses, cabinets, backs of paintings, mirrors, interior wardrobes, keyboards, shelves, as mood light in a room, corridor, wall illumination. For indoor use - IP20.

Technical Data

4W 350LD414 600mA LED bar; OSRAM

8 x SMD5630; 114lm / W; 0.5W; 5.6VDC; 4000K; IP20

General information:

Type: 4W LED strip

SMD: 5630

Quantity and type: 8 x SMD5630 (OSRAM)

ALUMINUM RIGID LED STRIP!  -  Dimensions: 270 x 8 mm

Technical data

 Module power / current: 4W / 600mA

 Supply voltage: 5.6V DC

 Color temperature: 4000K (neutral)

 Beam angle: 150 

Lifetime: 50000h

 Degree of protection - For indoor use - IP20.