Static Grass Applicator DIY Kit Plus Static Grass Two Pack

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A Cost Saving DIY Kit To Build A Powerful 15KV Static Grass Applicator Control Unit To Use For Static Grass And To Power DIY Flock Boxes. Plus Two Packages Of Static Grass, Your Choice Of Size And Color, At A Discount

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  • Creates A 15kv DC Static Field Static Grass Applicator With 12v DC Input
  • The Static Field Can Be Varied By Changing Input Voltage
  • Includes All The Parts Needed To Make This Unit In One Package
  • Static Grass Is Brand Highly Recommended By European Modelers
  • A Parts Quality And Compatibility Tested To Assure A Long Lasting Powerful Unit.
  • You Get Free Technical Support And Tutorials



  • High Power Static Field Pulls Everything Up To 16 mm Grass Easily
  • The Square Shape Holds It In Place While You Work
  • Accepts Multiple Use Grass Dispensers To Do Exactly What You Want
  • Low Cost
  • Saves Time And Shipping Costs Getting Everything In One Package


For Best Explanation, Watch This Video

Introduction: The heart of your static grass applicator is the ion generator. We designed the one in this kit, with unique wiring and power considerations, especially for use in static grass applicators. It generates a powerful -15 kv static field with a 12v DC input. As an added advantage, you can power it with as low a voltage of 4.5v DC.


Parts List

  • Box - Styrene 13 x 13 x 4.3 cm
  • Switch - Chosen to protect you from -15KV DC charge.
  • Anion Generator - Static Field generated is -6kv DC to -15kv DC. Static field varies with the input voltage. With a 12v DC input, output is a nominal -12 to -15kv DC.
  • Alligator Clip - 1 To make your static grass applicator ground wire.
  • Banana Clips - 4 sets to connect input and output voltages.
  • Solderless Connectors - 4 to make the internal connections.
  • Two Packages Of Static Grass
  • Illustrated Instruction Book

One of the most important parts of this kit is the help and service that we provide. We don't want you to go it alone.  We are here to answer your questions and do whatever else we must do to make sure you end up with a static grass applicator that performs the way we say it does. No holds barred!

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