Locomotive Model Steam Engine Borsig Bn2t

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Up until 1939 the TY23 was the main steam engine used forhauling heavy goods - mostly coal. Though a newer engine was ordered to repalce it,the TY23 operated until 1979.

Initial production of the TY23 was done in Germany andBelgium. In later years, production was moved to Poland with factories such as Fablok,Parowoz and Cegielski.

The TY23 engine was very popular among train crews. It was asturdy engine and when accidents occurred, the survival rate of people on thefloor plate was high.

Model Details

Use to build a 1/25 scale card model  that is a highly detailed scale replica of the original engine.

Precisely drawn instructions.

Card models build from these plans are often displayed on desks.

The graphics are superb such that the resulting model can be used as a museum display

It is recommended to build this directly from the cutout without pasting onto a substrate.

The plans can be used as patterns and scaled to make a 3d or scratch built brass engine.


Plan Book Detail

 The text is in Polish.  It  can easily be translated to your language by using any of the free online translation services such as google translate.

The author is a renowned illustrator and author of highly acclaimed plan books.

Number/size of the sheets with parts to cut out: 6 x  size A4

Number/size of the sheets with instruction drawings: 7 x size  A4

page with photographs of the model

Steel elements printed with use of metallic paint

Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale: 5   (from 1-very simple to 5-very complicated)

Computer drawings

Scale 1:25

Length of the model: 800 mm

Author: Jan Kolodziej

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