Resistance Soldering: The Ultimate Guide What They Are, How To Use And How To Make One.

Posted by Katarzyna Swiatek on

Have you ever wondered if a resistance soldering iron is better than the one you are using now? Let’s try to answer that.

The book I am reviewing for you in this post will help you, whether you are a jewelry maker, hobby modeler or photo-etched kits fan, discover how a resistance solderer can take your work to the next level.

The book is “The Book Of Resistance Soldering” .

This book is an incredibly detailed and informative resource for anyone interested in high quality soldering. The approach is practical and provides clear, concise explanations of the various concepts and techniques involved in resistance soldering.

It is free to download so you can have it in your reference library to be referred to at your leisure. The download link is here.

In any case, let’s take a look at the table of contents of the book.

There are three chapters.

The first chapter discusses  how a resistance soldering iron works and compares it to a traditional soldering iron.

The second chapter takes the reader through a step by step process of building a resistance soldering at a fraction of the cost of buying a commercially built unit.

The explanations are clear and concise, the instructions are easy to follow, with plenty of helpful diagrams and illustrations to guide you along the way.

And, finally, one is taken  through the process of using a resistance soldering iron.

The book is supplemented by a continually updated video library that shows soldering projects and shares ideas about how some experts use resistance soldering irons.

While the book does focus primarily on resistance soldering, it also includes helpful information on other aspects of soldering, such as the differences between lead-free and lead-based solders, and the pros and cons of different types of soldering irons. This makes it a valuable resource not just for those interested in resistance soldering, but for anyone looking to improve their soldering skills in general.

Overall, “The Book Of Resistance Soldering” is an excellent resource that provides a wealth of information on precision soldering.  Whether you’re a hobbyist, an electronics enthusiast, or just someone looking to improve your soldering skills, this book is definitely worth reading. It is highly recommended.

For more information on resistance soldering, watch the videos in this playlist.